Modern life is fast-paced,
exciting and stressful.

The demands of this lifestyle
can be depleting and
hard on our bodies.


We are left feeling tired and wired.

In the ideal world, we need to do more than survive - we need to thrive!

Whether you are a business person, a parent on the run, an athlete or a tired student, something that gives you the edge is priceless.

Modern living packs more into our days than in any other generation before us. We demand instant access, immediate responses and guaranteed results. We have a culture that knows little patience and can’t slow down.

Our eating habits and modern agricultural practises mean that our foods are less nutrient dense than what they used to be, and our diets are often less varied than they should be. The worst case scenario is that we eat poorly in general. But, our bodies need high quality building blocks to repair and protect itself.

Our gastrointestinal tracts are the portals through which we consume these essential nutrients, but the modern global problem is a gut that malfunctions and absorbs far less efficiently than normal. This means that much of the oral supplementation we swallow is simply lost.

Some nutrients and vitamins required to optimise your health can be supplemented intravenously. Administering substances intravenously is the most reliable route for delivering nutrients and medications to the systemic circulation because it bypasses all of the bodies absorption weaknesses. Substances given IV are by definition 100% bioavailable for use by the body. In saying this, safety of intravenous drips is essential, since by creating a direct route into the vascular space, the body’s defence mechanisms are completely bypassed.

Intravenous therapies should always and only be done in consultation with a qualified Doctor who can ensure that the intravenous medications used will be both safe and effective. Some medications cannot be given together, and not even on the same day. IV therapies are not safe for everyone. Medical professionals who are trained to understand these intricacies are essential to prescribe these nutrients and vitamins.

It is possible the Doctor will send you for some basic blood tests to ensure your system is ready for, and in need of the IV Therapy proposed.

Once this consultation process is done, it is then safe for the Doctor, or a registered nurse under their supervision, to administer the IV.

Most medications given IV are Scheduled Medications, which means that a script is required to order and prescribe them.

IV Therapies should be bespoke treatments. This means that after a consultation with you, and understanding your medical needs, the correct drip can be given to you.

Intravenous Therapy can

  • Boost immunity and assist with treating autoimmunity
  • Increase energy
  • Bolster brain cognition and mental clarity
  • Alleviate allergy symptoms
  • Treat fatigue and depression
  • Improve aesthetics and skin radiance
  • Support athletic performance & muscle recovery
  • Eliminate hangovers & provide electrolytes
  • Decrease pain and inflammation, including from headaches and migraines

ESPRIT MEDICAL IV THERAPY is a Doctor owned and run group of medical practises all over South Africa that strive to provide effective and safe drips that provide Wellness From Within. Our collaboration with Compounding Pharmacy of SA means we provide drips of the highest quality and ensure the highest level of safety for our patients.

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